Patalpų apdailos priemonių greito tvirtinimo sistema HALFIX

Tvirtinimo sistema HALFIX yra naudojama multifunkcinių patalpų įrangos ir apdailos plokščių tvirtinimui.

HALFIX tvirtinimo sistemos pagrindas U tipo profilis 53/34. Įrangos ir apdailos plokščių tvirtinimui naudojama speciali ileidžiama tvirtinimo plokštelė ir tvirtinimo varžtai.

Multifunkcinės patalpos dažniausiai rengiamos sporto ir meno reikmėms mokyklose bei visuomeniniuose pastatuose.


Application example – HALFIX – The Today solution for the requirements of tomorrow

Retrofitting, refurbishing, conversion – The HALFIX system does it all

At a time when the population is steadily on the increase and while suitable building space for education and sport are limited, the optimum use of available space becomes more and more important. In addition, inflexible rooms in existing buildings are often only used for about 20 to 40% of the time. This is where solutions are required that are versatile, future proof and economical.

Once fitted with the HALFIX System, the rooms/spaces in a building (for example, educational or sports facilities) become multifunctional; various types of elements are easily and quickly fixed to allow a number of uses.

Patalpu apdailos priemoniu greito tvirtinimo sistema HALFIX_sporto sale

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